About us
Adurion KG - a limited liability partnership - has been established by Daniel S. Aegerter in 2001, after he merged TRADEX Technologies with Ariba in March of 2000 - one of the largest software transactions ever.
After using the platform and the services for a few years for himself and his family, in 2003 Adurion KG obtained the trust license to provide the services to individuals as well as to other family offices. At that time, Dr. Mario Frick - former Prime Minister of Liechtenstein - joined the company's management.
The Adurion Group is located in Liechtenstein and is divided in key areas to facilitate clients in managing and administrating their wealth in a professional and efficient manner.
Adurion Trust Services
Asset Protection and Administration.
Adurion Reporting Services
Asset Consolidation, Reporting and Controlling.
Adurion Global Opportunity Fund
Asset Investment.